Dr. Himanshu Pathak, Director from 01.08.2016

Division wise:

Crop Improvement Division: Plant Breeding, Genetic and Cyto Genetics, Economic Botany, Biotechnology

Crop Production Division:
Agronomy, Fish and Fisheries Unit, Soil Science and Microbiology, Agricultural Engineering, Instrumentation

Crop Protection Division: Pathology, Entomology

Crop Physiology and Biochemistry Division

Social Science: Agricultural Statistics and Economics, Extension, Communication and Training

CRURRS, Hazaribag















Dr O.N. Singh, Head (I/c)

Plant Breeding
Dr J.N. Reddy, Principal Scientist
Dr (Mrs.) Mira Kumari Kar, Principal Scientist
Dr S.K. Pradhan, Principal Scientist
Dr L.K. Bose, Principal Scientist
Dr K. Chattopadhyay, Principal Scientist
Dr S.K. Dash, Senior Scientist
Dr.A. Anandan, Senior Scientist
Shri J. Meher, Scientist (SS)
Dr. Ramlakhan Verma, Scientist
Dr. Mridul Chakraborti, Scientist
Dr. Sutapa Sarkar, Scientist
Muhammed Azharudeen TP, Scientist

Genetics and Cytogenetics

Shri R.K. Sahu, Scientist (SG)
Shri S.S.C. Pattanaik, Scientist (SG)

Economic Botany

Dr B.C. Patra, Principal Scientist
Dr H.N. Subudhi, Principal Scientist
Shri B.C. Marndi, Scientist (SG)
Dr. (Mrs.) Priyadarsini Sanghamitra, Scientist


Dr (Mrs) S. Samantaray, Principal Scientist
Dr L. Behera, Principal Scientist
Dr J.L. Katara, Scientist
Dr. N. Umakanta, Scientist
Kutubuddin Ali Molla, Scientist
Shri Parameswaran, C, Scientist
Dr. Devanna, Scientist







Crop Production DIVISION

Dr A.K. Nayak, Head

Dr Sanjoy Saha, Principal Scientist
Dr B.B. Panda,
Principal Scientist
Dr Annie Poonam, Principal Scientist
Dr. (Mrs.) Sushmita Munda, Scientist
Shri B.B. Satapathy, Scientist
Dr. Vijayakumar S, Scientist
Shri B.R. Goud, Scientist

Shri S. Chatterjee, Scientist

Fish and Fishery
Dr P.K. Nayak, Principal Scientist

Soil Science/Soil Chem./
Fertility & Microbiology
Dr Sangita Mohanty, Scientist
Dr Mohammad Shahid, Scientist
Shri Anjani Kumar, Scientist

Dr. Dibyendu Chatterjee, Scientist
Dr. Debarati Bhaduri, Scientist
Smt. Rubina Khanam, Scientist

Soil Science/Soil Chem./Soil Water Conservation

Dr Rahul Tripathi, Scientist


Dr. P. Panneerselvam, Senior Scientist
Dr Upendra Kumar, Scientist

FM and Power

Shri P.K. Guru

Agril. Structure and Process Engineering
Dr. M. Sivashankari, Scientist

Soil and Water Conservation Engineering
Shri M. Debnath, Scientist







Crop Protection DIVISION
Dr (Mrs.) Mayabini Jena, Head

Agril. Entomology
Dr P.C. Rath, Principal Scientist
Dr S.D. Mohapatra, Principal Scientist
Shri N.K.B. Patil, Scientist
Dr. Guru Prasanna Pandi G, Scientist
Dr. Basana Gowda G, Scientist
Ms. Golive Prasanthi
, Scientist
Shri M. Annamalai, Scientist
Dr. Sankari Meena K, Scientist

Plant Pathology
Dr. A.K. Mukherjee, Principal Scientist
Dr. Srikanta Lenka, Senior Scientist
Dr. Manas Kumar Bag, Principal Scientist
Shri Manoj Kumar Yadav, Scientist
Shri Aravindan S., Scientist
Shri Raghu S, Scientist
Dr. Prabhukarthikeyan SR, Scientist
Mathew Seikholen Baite, Scientist

Shri S.S. Pokhare, Scientist (On study leave)

Agricultural Chemicals
Dr Totan Adak, Scientist






Biochemistry, Physiology & Environmental Sciences DIVISION

Dr S.G. Sharma, Head

Shri Torit Baran Bagchi, Scientist
Dr. Awadhesh Kumar, Scientist
Mrs. Nabaneeta Basak, Scientist
Shri G. Kumar, Scientist

Plant Physiology
Dr (Mrs.) Padmini Swain, Principal Scientist
Dr M.J. Baig, Principal Scientist
Dr. Koushik Chakraborty, Scientist
Dr. P.K.S. Hanjagi
, Scientist






Dr P. Samal, Head (I/c)

Agricultural Economics

Dr. Biswajit Mandal, Senior Scientist

Agricultural Statistics
Shri N.N. Jambhulkar, Scientist

Extension, Communication and Training
Dr N. C. Rath, Principal Scientist
Dr G.A.K. Kumar, Principal Scientist
Dr. S.K. Mishra, Principal Scientist
Dr (Mrs.) Lipi Das, Principal Scientist


KVK, Santhapur





CRURRS, Hazaribagh (Jharkhand)
Dr D. Maiti, Officer-in-Charge

Plant Breeding

Dr N.P. Mandal, Principal Scientist
Dr. Somnath Roy
, Scientist

Dr S.M. Prasad, Principal Scientist
Shri C.V. Singh, Senior Scientist

Plant Pathology
Dr. S. Bhagat, Senior Scientist
Dr. Amrita Banerjee
, Scientist

Soil Science
Dr. B.C. Verma, Scientist







RRLRRS, Gerua (Assam)
Rupankar Bhagawati, Officer-in-Charge

Plant Breeding
Shri S.K. Ghritlahre, Scientist


Dr. Teekam Singh, Senior Scientist

Dr. Kanchan Saikia, Senior Scientist